Nancy Hopkins? Gabrielle Hearn? Kathryn Matthews? María Del P. Susan Waibel Rosser? Jenni Thompson Satterfield? Paola A. Elisabetta Valesi? Meggan Ann Johnson? Laura Mayor-Cabrera? Tanya Horner?

Ryan Knopfle? And it's the last one in this 4-week series, come check it out! See the Comments Section for Links to more photos! Our best accomplishment besides everyone staying upright! It can be shared between 2 people who each want to do parts of the ride and partially rest!!

Nice rotating pace line to the start of the National Road Race! Next week back to p. Aller vers. Sections de cette Page. Aide accessibilité. Adresse e-mail ou mobile Mot de passe Informations de compte oubliées? À propos. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Ladies at Base! This Rain Too Shall Pass!

Goals for Ride 3: 1. Post Below! We need at bare minimum 6, much better to have 8 to 12 riders to make this work!

OK enough invites, let's get fabulous ladies to work these skills on Sunday! McKenzie Coaching. Envoyer un message. Looking for some company? Join an official group ride. Zwift Events on Zwift. McKenzie Coaching a partagé une vidéo. Ask a Coach Endurance Series, Ride 2!

Join Me! So grateful for this Blessing! Thinking about how well our ladies did today, achieving their stated goals, thereby helping me achieve mine! Thank You Truly!! McKenzie Coaching a ajouté un évènement. This ride is targeted toward all lady Zwifters looking to climb Mt. Zwift n in a non-competitive setting. The pace will be 2.

The goal is to ride a pace that you can sustain and still challenges you. Men wishing to join this ride must adhere to the pace or risk public shaming. We will try to stay together on the flats.

The ride will be in Zwifts group module, so you can join via the mobile app Zwift Mobile Link or on the Zwift welcome screen. Anyone who wants to join the afterparty can turn around and go back up Fox hill. To do this go to www.

Moderate pace group ride on Watopia flat course forward direction at a steady pace.

Velocit Zwift Cycling Team

This is a group ride, not a race, but it is also a drop ride, so if you get dropped you'll need to catch up! Join through the zwift event module and you will be placed in the staging area where you can warm up. Summary: Social pace ride led by Tim Searle. Wear any rajeunit ça veut dire quoi. Use any bike except TT.

Course normally Flat Forward, but may vary in future. The ride will generally incorporate a "hump" somewhere in it! Anyone welcome, but the aim is to get as many Aussies riding as possible, even if it is only for part of the ride. There will be an optional "After Party" ride starting right after the main ride for those interested in a 65 minute ride.

For the main ride this week we'll be doing 3 laps of Flat Watopia, normal direction. Distance around 30Km. For those interested in the "After Party", we'll be doing 1 more lap at a higher intensity. Distance around 10Km 40Km total for the whole ride. If you arrive late please feel free to join the group.

Use "6" on your keyboard to see the group coming up from behind. Start to pedal early or else the group will pass you at speed. We want to stay together. The leader will adjust the pace as necessary for the riders present. Generally Please look out for announcements from the leader regarding pace. The Leader does not chase those who go off the front. Server address: ts NOTE: 1. Don't overtake the leader during warm up lap. Please respect the pace and the ride leader instructions.

Zwift Event Module. Click on the Asia eventthen select your category. Proceed to warmup as usual. You will be asked to join the event at startlinewhen it's time to get ready to race. Click the button and you will be teleported to the starting pen where you can enjoy cocktails on your turbo whilst chit-chatting with other participants.

Zwift App You may also use the Zwift App to select and pre-enter this event. Once registered, simply log in to Zwift before the start and you'll be ready to ride around start time. Pradedame minti lengvai i pradi iki tol kol padarysime 4 ratus po to prasids sprintas lenktins iki sprinto linijos paskutinio juosmens Finiso Banerio - plokti dalys bus 2.

A group ride with a race at the end. We will roll steady and on the final lap we race. Flat parts will be at 2. Zpower racers will be valuated after each race.

Zwift Races & Group Rides Calendar

See below For each category that finishes with a minimum of 10 participants the following points will be awarded - 1st : 25 points 2nd : 18 points 3rd : 15 points 4th : 12 points 5th : 10 points 6th : 8 points 7th : 6 points 8th : 4 points 9th : 2 points 10th : 1 point If there is less than 10 riders point will be distributed with 1 p for the last and then 2 p, 4 p and so on.

Team points are awarded to the top 5 team members in any category. So it is just the 5 top members of each team that will get points for the team. The best 10 races will count for score. Results will be presented at Zwiftpower. To gain access to the ODZ Racing FB group we ask that you take a moment to fill out the survey below when request membership. It will help our directors shape future rides dietetique bo bun vietnamien enforce category upgrades when appropriate.

This is a a very social ride at a steady pace 2. Sticking together is goal 1. We will have some short intervals, so keep your eyes peeled for text instructions from the leader. Group rides on the flat section of Watopia tend to break up on 3 sections; 1 exiting the tunnel section, 2 the Esses, and 3 the lead-up to the Sprint, so watch your power in those spots. We Purge, Not Surge. Time: Two hours total, join for some, or all. Total mileage is around 42 miles 70K.

Leader :. He will be wearing the all-black Radavist kit. But if you have to be you, just DO NOT wear the black Radavist kit that the leader is wearing, or he will heckle you ruthlessly. Watch for leader text prompts. So go forit, but regroup on the leaderpost-haste. Don't let it get sideways. If the leader asks to re-group, or we split, please slow if you get ahead.

If you are a large group off the back, we will slow to regroup. When everyone is back together, the leader will text to get back to pace. We hold on to the race length of Below are the race rules and details. It is down to you to know the rules and make the race as fun, enjoyable and fair for everyone as possible. Mandatory Registration for this event is on our Team dZi website www.

You must be Registered to be eligible for real prizes, courtesy of our partners at dZi. We hope to see you there! There is no neutralized section, but race timing only begins when the pier access road re-joins Watopia's main road, so race as you see fit from the atomic time of the start of your CAT 8.

Race 2. This race will only end at the monument next to the Zwift Radio Tower at m, do not be fooled by the Event Module ending After approximately The race is now over so enjoy your well deserved descent while spinning the lactic acid out of your legs!!

See more www. This is an essential step for results, so do not forget to do this when you log-off, exhausted! Pick a group that gives you the right level of competition. Don't sandbag and put yourself in a lower CAT as that can spoil the race for others. We verify your category on Zwiftpower.

Earlier repeated results not consistent with your chosen CAT may lead to leaving a rider out of the rankings via a DQ. Finally, you cannot attain any podium slots on unverified zPower efforts. To verify zPower, so outdoor ride details must be available to prove the quality of your Zwift race. Here are the guidelines to choose your CAT: A: 4. The official results are available 24 hours after the race has finished.

The official results are based on video footage. All winners will be notified by email. If you're a first time winner you will receive for your address information by dZi foundation. This is a staggered start. CAT B starts another 4 mins later. The Race finishes at the very top past the m sign, so you will have to manually turn up the climb after completing two laps of Ocean Road. You will also need to turn to the Radio Tower for the final summit and finish line at the signpost at the Radio Tower.

To be sure of finishing, ride through for at least 30 meters beyond the finish line! No TT bikes. No bike switching. Do not draft non-racers. Power ups ARE allowed at all times. Prizes: Our prizes are a recognition of your effort and that youve joined our event.

If youve received a gift from us in an earlier event and again are the winner of your category your prize will be the honor. Prizes are at this moment reserved for first time winners. More information on www. Open to all Zwift users, the Training Club will focus on preparing sportive riders for Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 46 and - and other events they are training for in Group A will start first followed by Group B two minutes later.

Please respect the pace and the ride leader instructions at all times. Our EC1 Collective Club ride will become a weekly ride, every Wednesday evening so get involved and join us! Please put EC1 at the end of your name so we can see who's apart of the group.

Hillingdon Slipstreamers weekly virtual group ride, coach led racing and intervals. This is for Youth, Junior and Women riders only. Ride Leaders: To be announced each week. This is a steady progression in wattages.

Perfect for easy riders, ones who need to push themselves to the limit, and ones who like to race. Ride starts out easy, almost too easy, and gets harder from there.

Please join the strava group "Show ME Sports" for further information or to voice questions, comments, or concerns. Course: London Classique Distance: 4 laps This is an experimental handicapped race. Race rules are as follows. Note that the dashboard lets you enter one decimal place in the weight, so it is the preferred place to enter the information. The race is in the event module - please join the event to participate.

Rules: 1. Please avoid using non-racers to gain an advantage when possible. No power-ups. Website: www. When you login select "Prefer Flat Roads" from the "Route" options. To join, just click on the event. Detailed info on how to join can be found at this link:. Group ride Pace 1.

Route: Watopia figure 8 3. No Warm Up! Where: The Pretzel route on Watopia is punishing indeed, at Your computer timer may be critical. It is advisible that you join at least 1 min before the ride start is due The ride will start based on the countdown.

Please roll out slowly and stay with the Ride Leader. Make sure you are pedaling prior to the start. All vounteers are welcome for Sweeps. Leader with beacon will beSteve Clogg. For anyone joins us after the start, just find rider with Z2R and chose to ride along with him at the beginning of your ride.

In summary, an easy recovery group ride without chase. See you then. The emphasis is on staying together and riding as a bunch and the leader does not exceed the stated pace, making it a great ride if youre new to group riding.

On the final lap KOM, riders are offered the option of racing to the finish, but as this is a long ride almost 50 kms the group occasionally decides not to do this. This will be strictly adhered to by your leader. Please respect the pace and instructions of the ride leader. All Texting will be provided by the Ride Leader Should you require someone to pull you back to the pack, Teamspeak or group text so thatleader can slow the ride.

Epic highly intensive Friday "Morning Shock" made in Sweden. What's a ride and race? The first lap is a group ride warm-up lap at a pace of 2. Stay behind the ride leader on the first lap. The ride leader has the yellow beacon above. After the first lap it's a race to the finish.

Rouler en groupe Zwift avec d’autres cyclistes (Partie 4)

And remember, the most exhausted rider wins. Second lap's pace is increased to 2. Third lap's pace is 3. Zwift Event Module 60 minutes before the event when you login to zwift and go to the course selection screen intop right corner. Use your FTP and then divide by your weight in kg then pick the correct group. Ladies will be included in their Cats.

Please log into Strava to ensure that the title has saved correctly, this may not happen and it will need to be adjusted. Failure to do so will result in you being excluded from the results. Add pHr after your name. First big climb up Mt Doom at steady pace of 3 - 3. Dont take radio tower select right arrow Easy rolling on the descent and roads after we regroup. Once back together, pace to return to 2.

Small KOMS front and back to be max 3. Front group riders can either turn around to meet up with the autobus group, or just wait at the KOM banner. Once all back together. Note: Three rules: 1 Leaders always to slow to allow regroup after efforts. An Endurance ride W for 3 hrs Sometimes we need to go long and far but it's just harder to do it solo. This is what this group ride is for.

As motivation to clock in the mileage. Keep the pack tight and keep spinning! Pacing: Flat: Steady and smooth - W Climbs : 3. Each lap should take the group around 9 minutes. There will be fouroptional "After Party" laps for those interested in a longer ride.

He will have the yellow leader icon. Look for the workout mode HUD on the leader bike if you can't find me. Stay with the leader if you want to stay at advertised pace. The leader does not chase those who go off the front.

It's a focussed training session. Each week we will have a different focus and it's guaranteed to make you faster, stronger and happier! Click into the box and that's it - Zwift seemlessly takes you through it.

This is an official Zwift Event. Have a day job? Finding it hard to train more than 6 hours per week? Interval training is a proven format for dynamic strength gains over short periods of time. The ride leader will publish the Strava segments in advance, but will also call them out on the group ride. Each interval is your opportunity to hammer it. Either go for glory on your own, or try and work with a group to conserve your strength and endurance. Once at the end of the interval, either wait to recollect or ride back to gather up the rest of the group.

The first set of Strava Segments will be on the London Loop. Take a look at the London map to familiarize yourself with the segments. It's the only way to reliably find the right data for this event. Select join.

When you log in the event is showed in your left down corner. Best to join Zwift at least 5 minutes before the event will start. Select join event. After this, you jojoba rides select Ride.

Course selection is not needed, except if you want to ride a course after or before the event. In the starting dock, you can warm up. Try to join at least 5 minutes before the start to get extra information from our ride Leader. Please respect the pace. After this you can select Ride.

Course selection is not needed, except if you want ride a course after or before the event. In the starting dock you can warm up.

Wattopia, counter clockwise. To make your bike turn around, hit the down arrow key while you're moving. Start from the start finish at am MST sharp. We start rolling at am Mountain Standard Time. At 15 minutes per lap or so it should be about total or a bit less. Any rider going over category limit by 0. Any rider going over category limit but under 0. If needed, lead ride at designated pace.