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Possibilité d'utiliser le site de l'ANTS sans frais. Shire Canada inc. Is Frozen Yogurt Really Healthier? LE CX-5 Tous droits réservés. Les points de vue formulés sont ceux des auteurs et ne représentent pas nécessairement ceux du CUSM. All rights reserved. Points of view expressed do not necessarily represent those of the MUHC. With only 25 calories and 5 grams of sugar per millilitre serving, and a delicious maple. For more information, please visit the website.

All women can get breast cancer as they age. A total. Québec ont décidé de porter le turban en signe de protestation. Mme Payette dirigeait tous les systèmes de la SSI. Space Shuttle Discovery lifts off on May 27, JJ InMs. Payette was aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery and became only the second Canadian woman to enter outer space.

She knew that once she returned to Earth. Nous nous en. Le Centre des sciences de Montréal, un musée interactif axé sur les sciences et la technologie situé dans le Vieux-Port de Montréal, accueille plus visiteurs par an. The Montreal Science Centre, an interactive museum dedicated to science and technology located in the Old Port of Montreal, welcomes overvisitors per year.

Pharmascience Inc. It starts with Dr. Katherine Borden, a Montreal-born research scientist who, after 20 years of education and research in the United States and United Kingdom, was enticed by the Montreal research environment to return in as the Canada Research Chair in the Molecular Biology of the Cell Nucleus. Borden and her research team are focused on answering one of the fundamental questions in cancer biology: how do normal cells become transformed into cancer cells, particularly leukemia?

Their research focuses on a particular protein, elF4E, and how its dysregulation leads to cells becoming cancerous, resulting in leukemia. Their understanding of this process led them to believe that an old anti-viral drug, ribavirin, might target elF4E and result in remission for some patients with AML. To study this theory, Dr. Borden led a small initial clinical study in collaboration with Drs. Wilson Miller and Sarit Assouline at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, using drug purchased in the United States, but for which supply was both expensive and unreliable.

The study, published inshowed promise for ribavirin in AML. Even though all 11 patients were very sick and had already failed other possible treatments, nine improved in a matter of months, without debilitating or dangerous side effects.

Some patients went into remission, a previously unheard of result, and others had dramatic drops in the number of leukemia cells. The company was co-founded in by Université de Montréal-trained pharmacist Morris Goodman, who became familiar with ribavirin in when he sold his then pharmaceutical business to the company that was developing ribavirin. When he met Dr. That supply permitted a second study to take place using ribavirin in combination with another therapy, but also led to the growth of further collaboration, resulting in the formal agreement just completed.

Pharmascience also assisted Dr. One of the major issues facing AML patients on ribavirin is that they develop resistance to the drug over time. Borden is equally enthusiastic about the partnership.

En outre, Algorithme partir d'échantillons issus de projets allant de la phase préclinique à. Pharma effectue la bioanalyse de petites et de larges molécules, à la phase IV. L'entreprise comprend près de professionnels prove. Quel rafraîchissement! M Twelve acres of waterpark at your disposal? How refreshing! The Yalaka wave pool is the largest heated wave pool in Quebec, while the Booshike Basin is a great place for kids to play and try to pronounce the weird and whacky names of all the attractions.

Parc Aquatique Mont Saint-Sauveur www. Il y a un peu de tout pour tous les membres de la famille. M Pack the family and your water-wings and head to the mountains. Ne manquez pas la plus haute tour autoporteuse de multiples glissades en Amérique du Nord. Ne vous inquiétez pas. Ragw Ra gw g wee eed se sea asso on n wilill be e herre be befo fore e you o kno now itt, a an nd nd so o wilill ill yyo our syym mpt pto om ms. Whe en yyo our ur ittcchyy, wa watery terryy eye te y s an nd st stu ufffy, fy, ru fy unn n y no n se e get e in tth he wa wa ayy o off yo ou ur da aiilly acti ac cti t vi viti tie ess, yo you ne you eed d to do do so om methi etthi h ng g abo out u it.

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All A rriight Al htss res ht esserve ese vveed. POLLINEX - R is a pre-seasonal allergy vaccine that can help reduce the severity of your allergy symptoms if you take it before ragweed season strikes. Eve Everryone one may not bee ful fully protec pro t ted. SSidee effects t and al aller ergic gic reeact action ionss may ma occ occur.

Vi Visit sit ww w w. All rightss rese reserved rved. But as is often the case in a world of red tape and bottom lines, cost-cutting measures threatened the hospital in the mid s.

A group of community members quickly assembled a volunteer. The mission? Create a new model of health care. Sa mission? Créer un nou. Une nouvelle fondation, appelée la Fondation du complexe de santé Reine Elizabeth, a été établie en Cette fondation, dirigée par des bénévoles, travaille sans relâche pour amasser. La combinaison parfaite pour soulager vos douleurs musculaires et articulaires et garder en santé vos articulations.

Par ailleurs, les adolescents. Puis, les mamans et les papas sont aussi à risque au travail. Vaccination in Pregnancy. Women's Health. Maintaining and recording immunization status is just one more important gift that mothers can provide for their children.

For more information : To use the QR code, please download a free QR code reader to your smartphone, then scan! ASC helps protect Canadians from false messaging in advertising.

Because among all the pretty words and pictures — truth matters. LOSE 10 month! Pour la plupart des gens, un tour de taille mesurant. BMI gauges risk for diseases linked to higher body fat, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, breathing problems and certain cancers.

Being large is not a death sentence. Eating a bit healthier and moving around a bit more is better than going on a radical diet. For most people, a WC at or above cm 40 in. Drastically cutting carbs can trigger ketosis from the body burning fat, which sounds great, but has side effects of nausea, headache, mental fatigue and bad breath. Tapeworms: This madness struck at the turn of the 20th century.

Victims would swallow beef tapeworm cysts, and the pounds would melt off as the creatures relentlessly grew and sucked up food in the intestines. It involved nibbling on a few vegetables, a bit of protein and a grapefruit at every meal for three weeks. At only. Régime de la bière : surtout pour les gars, il existe un régime centré sur la bière. Aucune explication nécessaire, ce n'est que de la bière.

Adieu les beaux abdos découpés! Jessica had just entered triage when she was rushed to one of the resuscitation beds because she was in such severe pain, her blood pressure was dangerously low and her heart was racing. Whi le waiting in line at the bank she. The pain was so severe that she had fainted. The bank manager immediately calledand by the time the First Responders had arrived, Jessica was awake but pale and still in a lot of pain. Le gérant de la banque a tout de suite.

Cela ne lui était jamais arrivé auparavant; Jessica était en fait en. Toutefois, Jessica avait un retard de règles — elle a toujours été réglée comme une horloge — et de légers saignements vaginaux récents. Heureusement, toute per. Luckily, severe belly pain usually triggers a visit to the doctor before severe bleed. This is probably due to research that have helped improve treatments and through early detection of the disease. This is indeed very good news.

Ce sont de très bonnes nouvelles, en effet. Mais il faut tout de même prendre le temps de faire face à cette. When cancer strikes, recovery is the main concern. Financial worries should be last on the list. Par contre, la peau peut être as. Si vous attrapez un coup de soleil, ou si vous êtes photosensible et que, malgré votre protection. Appliquez-le plusieurs fois par jour. Choisissez un gel naturel sans couleur ajoutée. Choose a natural gel with no added colour.

The aloe gel is translucent and greyish, not neon green. To prevent sun damage, which lasts much longer than sunburn, food is your best ally. Peanuts also contain these polyphenols resveratrol that help reduce the damage and secondary wrinkles due to sun exposure. On the Other Hand. Limit dairy products especially buttergrilled meat on the BBQ, margarine and added sugar.

They can worsen wrinkles and intensify sun damage. Reduce the culprits and increase the protectors in your diet.

Studies show that this can help improve skin tone and reduce sun damage wrinkles JJ En effet, la consommation de tomates lycopènede poissons oméga-3de thé vert catéchinesde petits fruits colorés comme les bleuets, les raisins ou toutes les autres baies polyphénols, proanthocyanidines, etc.

Ils peuvent aggraver les rides et les dommages solaires. En réduisant les coupables et en augmentant les protecteurs, on peut améliorer le tonus de la peau et diminuer les rides de 32 pour cent. Toutes ces substances naturelles existent aussi en suppléments si vous préférez. Elle aime le soleil et pousse aux abords des chemins, chemins de fer et fossés.

On la reconnaît à ses trois feuilles pendantes. JJ by 32 percent. And know that all of these natural compounds. Les nutritionnistes et. Stephanie is not alone.

Je veux des cheveux plus epais

De plus, vous ne pouvez pas marcher 50 pieds au centre-ville sans tomber sur un kiosque de boissons fouettées. Cela sert à prévenir toute interaction alimentaire et médicamenteuse nocive. Voilà de quoi nourrir votre cerveau et stimuler vos neurones. M Harry Stergiopoulos est conseiller en placements chez Gestion de capital Assante ltée. Gestion de capital Assante ltée est un membre du Fonds canadien de protection des épargnants et est inscrit auprès de l'Organisme canadien de réglementation du commerce des valeurs mobilières.

Assante Capital Management Ltd. Fièvre jaune, malaria, hépatite. Il faut se renseigner sur les vaccins et les précautions. Laisser assez de temps aux vaccins. Protégez-vous davantage contre la diarrhée des voyageurs. Il ne traite pas la diarrhée des voyageurs après son apparition. Pour des renseignements complets sur le produit, visitez le www. Vous êtes maintenant prêt à partir.

Crucell Vaccines Canada, une division de Janssen Inc. Even if you were vaccinated as a child, you might need a booster shot. Tetanus: For the more adventurous traveler and those of us who might be more accident prone, a tetanus booster is a good idea if your idea of a vacation involves lots of diving, jumping, climbing or crawling. Tetanus infections usually occur due to injuries to the skin, whether you step on a nail or get frostbite. Rarely is diarrhea a real threat to adults, but for any young children or frail, elderly people, a doctor should be consulted right away since dehydration becomes a danger.

A good rule of thumb: boil it, cook it, peel it, or leave it. Not everyone who gets vaccinated will be fully protected; therefore, precautions to avoid contaminated food or water should be taken. Allergic reactions and side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting may occur. For complete product information visit www. Available at your pharmacy.

Crucell Vaccines Canada, a division of Janssen Inc. Les CDC Centres de contrôle et de prévention. Il faut. Imprimer une carte de la région à proximité de votre desti. Montréal enSanté asked a local festival devotee for his advice.

Marc-André Proulx not only plays in a band, he studied music in college and writes for several music-related publications. J la remplir dans les salles de bain ou dans les kiosques prévus à cet effet.

Onze verhalen - Designer-kleding voor Heren

Il y en a pour tous les goûts! Whether indoors or out, on one site or spread across the city, these festivals will whet the whistle of any wild-eyed music fan. Something for every taste! Le stress est également un facteur. Pour cette raison, les traitements du Centre pourraient inclure un programme de yoga. On a également souligné ce qui incitait les gens à secouer leur bébé; ce sont les pleurs persistants.

The results were clear: education and awareness leads. C Imaging and Accredited Système! Clinique médicale des spécialistes R.

Ma santé, tout sous un même toit Notre organisme sans but lucratif fait la promotion et préservation de la santé et le bien-être des membres de notre communauté. All my health needs under one roof Our not-for-profit organization promotes and preserves the health and well-being of all members of our community. Un traitement risqué contre la sclérose en plaques redonne la vie à un médecin Par By Anita Kar.

Dr Alexander Normandin droitedont la vie a été sauvée par un traitement de greffe de moelle osseuse et qui pratique maintenant lui-même la médecine. Alexander Normandin, right, whose life was saved by BMT treatment and who is now a practicing doctor himself. La nouvelle a été extrêmement brutale. Il est alors devenu le 19e patient sur seulement 24 patients participants et sa greffe a eu lieu en Les nouvelles recherches sur ce traitement appuient ces résultats.

Tous les patients. La sclérose en plaques est un trouble du cerveau et de la moelle épinière qui cause de la fatigue, un désé. Les femmes ont deux fois plus de chances de contracter la sclérose en plaques que les hommes. Le Canada détient malheureusement un des plus hauts taux de sclérose en plaques au monde, avec près de 1, nouveaux cas chaque année.

Presque 50, Canadiens sont atteints de sclérose en plaques. He became patient 19 of only 24 and had his transplant in Today, Normandin is a family physician, his MS has stabilized and he is no longer taking medication.

The procedure seems to have halted the progression of the disease. New research surrounding this treatment supports these types of results and more. All participants in the study who had the experimental bone marrow transplant showed no new disease activity. The study published in the Annals of Neurology and led by Dr.

Amit Bar-Or at The Neuro, shows that there are no new lesions in their brains. The results indicate that there is a diminished function of a subset of immune T-cells, which could be a potential biological target for future therapies that carry less risk than the bone-marrow transplant.

Doctors explain that the results are preliminary, and it is still not known if the risky treatment is effective at stopping other types of MS, such as those with purely progressive forms of the illness. Normandin says the illness has had a silver lining. MS is a disorder of the brain and spinal cord that causes fatigue, disequilibrium, sensory problems. The cause of MS is unknown, but evidence suggests that it is an auto-immune disease that destroys myelin, a substance coating axons, the thin strands that carry signals between brain cells.

It usually strikes between the ages of 15 and 40 but can begin as early as age two. Women have twice the probability of developing MS than men.

Some 50, Canadians have MS. More than 1 in 5 lives in Quebec. The transplantation treatment, which is performed as part of a clinical trial and carries potentially serious risks, stops virtually all new relapsing activity as determined by clinical examination and brain MRI scans. Cette sexagénaire dynamique de la région montréalaise souffre de douleurs chroniques dans les articulations, les muscles et les tendons, sans oublier les insomnies quotidiennes.

À la suite de son diagnostic, Diane a décidé de prendre le contrôle de la maladie. Peter Ste-Marie left with Dr. This dynam. Ces symptômes peuvent souvent se manifester pendant des années sans qu'un diagnostic ne soit posé et qu'un traitement ne soit prescrit.

First-line doctors are therefore in the. Stay cool with us! We are air-conditioning and electronic specialists for all makes and models. Keeping Montreal cars healthy for over 25 years. Vous ne pouvez pas supporter la chaleur dans votre voiture? Nous offrons le plaisir de conduire dans le confort depuis 25 ans. It is now one of the few specialty centres in the world that provides. When he returned to Montreal, Dr. Davis Jewish General Hospital and St. Fetal interventionists on the team include pediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, pediatric cardiologists, perinatalogists, neonatologists and genetic counsellors.

But another event would soon thrust the FDTG into the limelight. In DecemberDr. They operated on a week gestation fetus with a massive teratoma. Left to right Dr. Samir Khalife, Dr. David Rosenblatt, Dr. Jean-Martin Laberge not seen and Andrea Secord not seen take part in biweekly rounds.

Three hours after her birth, Dr. Jean-Martin Laberge left and Dr. She is now a vibrant and happy 12 - year old. Today, the FDTG is recognized for its excellence and compassionate care. The highly. Open fetal surgery, during which the fetus is partialLiora gaucheen compagnie du Dr Jean-Martin Laberge, est le premier bébé né au Québec grâce à la procédure de traitement intrapartum ex utero EXITpratiquée alors que la mère de Liora était à 32 semaines de grossesse.

Liora leftseen here with Dr. La recherche et les essais cliniques continuent de chercher de nouveaux moyens de traiter les maladies anciennes. Entreposage public ou privé? Le choix de faire un don du sang de cordon de votre bébé est recommandé. Deux facteurs sont à considérer : i Déterminez si votre hôpital participe à un programme de dons publics.

Le Québec dispose de pousse cheveux acajou naturellement hôpitaux participants dans le secteur bancaire public. Le dépistage des dons publics comprend une liste de critères de santé et de risque. Les cellules souches provenant du sang de cordon sont précieuses et offrent des options de traitement aux patients qui en ont besoin.

Research and clinical trials will continue to seek new ways to treat old diseases. Expectant parents should research the facts and make their own choice.

Public or Private Storage? Parents say it provides peace of mind knowing cord blood stem cells are readily available for use within their family. Others base their decision on family medical history or ethnic diversity. Two factors to consider: i Does your hospital participate in a public donation program.

Quebec has 8 hospitals participating in public banking. Cord Blood Stem Cells are valuable and provide treatment options for patients in need. Transplant centres will use a suitably matched, quality cord blood sample processed and stored by a cord blood bank that is FACT and AABB accredited and inspected by the appropriate regulatory body, regardless of whether it is a private or public bank.

Cells for Life is also a strong supporter of public banking. To learn more about cord blood banking visit www. Je voulais exprimer à quel point la vie est fragile et à quel point la famille et les amis sont précieux. So when he looked death in the eyes last year at the age of 20, and lived to tell the tale, he wrote a song. Ils se sont assuré que. Selon Paschalis, le positivisme et le soutien remarquable offerts à sa mère et à sa tante ont grandement contribué à sa récupération.

De gauche à droite : un ami de Dimitri, son cousin, Dimitri, sa mère et sa tante. La mère et la soeur de Dimitri sont restées à ses côtés jour et nuit. Demetri's mother and her sister stayed by his side, day and night. Je crois que j'aborde mon travail de façon plus assidue maintenant. Imma Franco et Andréane Pharand visitent le site Glen. Imma Franco and Andréane Pharand visit the Glen site. Coordinating with over clinicians was challenging, but it made for a very rich design process. Andréane Pharand AP : I strongly agree.

It was so important and rewarding for us to have a voice. I think one of the most important things I learned from Imma and her team, is to always consider the big picture. It all has to work together. IF: Health care and construction are very different laughing. In the early s, suffragettes fought for the vote, while mid.

Quelques exemples :. And all without the Lean Cuisines. Elle cuisine, il arrange les assiettes. Ivana élabore un plat. Richard mangeait toute la meule en une seule soirée. Richard would eat the entire block in one night. Clearly the achievements of feminism are larger than balancedout kitchen duties and shopping lists, but as the smaller issues get.

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Foods can contain two types of dietary iron: "heme" and "nonheme". Heme iron is easier. Le fer est donc un joueur essentiel au. Le fer hémique, mieux absorbé que le fer non hémique, est retrouvé dans les viandes, volailles et poissons. Le thé et le café diminuent aussi son absorption. Pour mettre toutes les chances de son côté, il importe de mettre de bonnes sources de fer au menu chaque jour! Le corps humain ne peut.

Elle a travaillé dans les milieux scolaire, hospitalier et sportif et dans un centre de soins prolongés. Tant la crème glacée que le yogourt glacé sont à base de lait et il y a de pires aliments à consom.

Both ice cream and frozen yogurt come from milk, so there are worst things to ingest than dairy products. But fro-yo contains less fat since many versions of ice cream are made with cream. Frozen yogurt also provides a dose of protein nearly 10 grams per six-ounces plus the long list of nutrients usually found in dairy products: calcium, vitamin B, potassium, etc.

Of course, frozen yogurt gets a boost with probiotics—the "friendly bacteria" naturally present in the digestive system. Live strains of these "good bacteria" are also found in many yogurt products. While not all of the research is in, some evidence suggests that certain strains of probiotics help boost the immune system while promoting a healthy digestive tract.

Buyer Be Wary Of course, the sugar content in frozen yogurt can defeat the purpose of all this healthy talk considering many producers mask the naturally tart taste of yogurt with fructose. And you cannot walk into a frozen yogurt shop without being overwhelmed with choices of topping, from chocolate chips and candied sprinkles to gummy bears and a rainbow of confections.

So opt for fresh fruit no, the syrupy strawberry topping does not count. JJ On retrouve également des souches vivantes de ces bactéries dans de nombreux produits à base de yogourt. Bien que la recherche en la matière soit incomplète, des indices suggèrent que certaines souches de probiotiques aident à galvaniser le système immunitaire tout en favorisant la santé du tube digestif.

Aïe aïe! It falls on the third Sunday in July, of course. Some frozen treats get all the luck The more we connect to nature, the healthier and happier we become. So why is it that, according to the David Suzuki Foundation, 90 percent of us spend our days indoors? Here are some tips on how to leave little more than footprints in the forest. Les tentes en toile ne sont pas faites de matériaux. Les sacs de couchage conçus sans matériaux synthétiques sont aussi rares que le Yéti.

Speaking of water, what extreme rides cebu 3.1 do with all those dirty dishes?

Some soaps claim to be biodegradable but they can still harm aquatic life. Check out Dr. Bronner liquid soaps. À employer pour la vaisselle, les vêtements et le corps. Heureusement, il existe des choix plus écologiques pour éloigner les bibittes. Nourriture et boissons Réduire les plastiques et les emballages en transportant les graines, les pâtes, etc.

Les aliments emballés de manière individuelle engendrent beaucoup de déchets et prennent de la place dans les sacs. Further information on conference presentations and how to register will be emailed following pre-registration deadline. Service comp complet de prescriptions, préparations eet produits naturels prescription service, compounding Full prescripti health products and natural he. Pour plus informations : Pour utilser le code QR, SVP téléchargez un lecteur gratuit à votre téléphone intelligent, et scannez!

According to a study published in Preventative Medicine, climbing stairs for as little as 10 minutes a day resulted in increased energy and stamina while decreasing body fat and blood pressure. Stair climbing burns calories at a higher rate than other cardiovascular activities and since it helps strengthen and tone lower-body and abdominal muscles, it also helps improve the strength of your bones.

One Step at a Time Always maintain correct posture in order to minimize your chance of injury. Lean slightly forward from your hips with your back straight and keep your eyes on the Par By Micaela Whitworth. Watch your step as you come down the stairs. Allongez progressivement ces séances en fonction de votre endurance. Alternez ces deux exercices pendant de 20 à 45 minutes. Vous pouvez aussi alterner entre une marche à la fois et deux marches à.

Stepping Out Looking for a premium spot to stretch your legs and your workout? The stairs leading up to the lookout in Mount Royal Park really are the perfect place for a stair-climbing workout. Not only will you be rewarded with a primo workout, you get one of the best views of downtown Montreal.

Happy climbing! En plus de faire prendre soleil, éclaboussures et vent estival, le surf offre des bienfaits au plan. Le surf peut déclencher une. Voici la plus grande différence entre le surf rivière et le surf traditionnel sur mer : la vague est. Avec classes de surf, équipement et accès facile aux rapides de Lachine, KSF est un choix naturel. Des classes pour débutants, intermédiaires J.

Il faut savoir nager mieux que la moyenne. You need to be a better than average swimmer and a strong core helps for balance and lift. Visiter www. Epic Situé à Verdun, Epic surf et skate offre un accès facile rides alimentation 3ds deux excellents coins pour le surf rivière. I needed a workout re-boot. A friend recommended bootcamp. My mouth said yes before my brain could process exactly what I had gotten myself into.

After all, when I think bootcamp, I think pain, I think dozens of war movies depicting training camps whereby new recruits are brought to the brink of physical collapse: thousands of chin-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and kilometres running up hills with kilo army issue backpacks. Three years ago, Tina and Bryan started with seven clients sweating atop Mount Royal.

Today, Better Body Bootcamp bootcampmontreal. NDG Bootcamp. Despite being in what I felt was reasonable shape, I did experience some trepidation. Est-ce que je serai. Douleur au cou, douleur lombaire, tendinopathies, arthrose, blessures sportives.

Neck pain, lower back pain, sports injury, tendonitis, arthritis. Toutes les consultations médicales sont couvertes par la RAMQ. All medical consultations are covered by medicare. Luckily, I travel a lot and, as a result, my dog has accumulated more road miles than most humans. You would never hit the road without being buckled up, why leave your dog vulnerable to serious.

Voici quelques conseils sur la façon de voyager avec votre chien pour que vos. Vous ne prendriez jamais la route sans. Souvenez-vous de la loi de Murphy : tout ce qui.

Il y en a pour tous les goûts et tous les budgets : de studios aux maisons en rangée comprenant quatre chambres à coucher. Luz est situé auplace de la Savane. Les bureaux de vente se trouvent aurue de la Savane; ; www. With two separate wings connected by a glass bridge, the structure allows for a greater number of corner units, thereby increasing the surface area of windows with breathtaking views. LUZ is located at Place de la Savane. Ces deux projets forment ensemble un des plus grands programmes de soins de santé en Amérique du Nord.

Un léger ralentissement est prévu. Combined, both projects make this one of the largest health care projects in all of North America. No wonder then that homes and condos in the surrounding area of said superhospital saw the biggest jump in price over the last quarter. A slight slow down is to be expected.

Nous regrettons cette erreur. Photos on the cover of our spring issue were mislabelled. The correct photos appear below.

We regret the error. Par By George M. Mais pour les promoteurs immobiliers, les entrepreneurs et les bricoleurs, le bambou représente bien plus que le plat préféré du panda. Du sol au plafond, le bambou peut rendre une habitation durable, belle et écologique. Mieux encore, le bambou est non seulement facile à cultiver en abondance, il est aussi extrêmement durable et, selon Bamboo Ontario Inc.

Le bambou, tout simplement, est beau. Green Building Council. Malheureusement, le bambou pousse dans les régions tropicales. Ce seul fait rend le bambou un des matériaux les plus coûteux. Simply put, bamboo is beautiful.

But the pros far outweigh the cons of cost. The material has zero emissions of any volatile compounds. This fact alone is what makes bamboo one of the pricier materials. So what about growing bamboo in Canada on a commercial scale? Sax Longueuil-sur-le-parc La vie du bon côté. À seulement dix minutes du centre de Montréal, Sax est à portée de ville et proche de la nature.